That Hollow, Empty Place of Grief

I'm writing to you now from that hollow, empty place of grief. This is new territory for me, and so I write to you not knowing quite how or where any of this will lead. What does this place feel like? I'm discovering it. Though the snow is melted, it almost feels as though everything around …

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Shoe scuffs

I travelled nearly halfway across the country last week to sit on the end of a wooden bench in a shoe-scuffed middle school gym alongside a dozen middle school girls basketball players. Am I crazy? I should start by being honest; while I loved the sport, I was never that good of a player. My …

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Welcome to the Safari

Breath in, breath out. Black glove, grey door handle. Brown boots, white snow. Shuffle, not walk. Slosh, slosh, slosh, steps squish-squash; I’m Vanessa-style skating through mud and snow. Breath in, breath out. Black glove, black door handle. Snow-covered boots, water-covered entry. Children, not adults. Little people 90% winter clothing and 10% body weight; I’m Stephen …

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