Dear Man with the red scarf,

Dear Man with the red scarf,

You looked sharp this morning. The business suit. The briefcase. And especially that scarf. What a bold red scarf! Did you pick it out yourself? Kudos.

I heard you whistling ‘Hark the Herald Angels” as you jaywalked across Lake. You sounded great.

That being said, you’re early.

I mean, usually give it post-Thanksgiving at least for whistling the stuff.

But that’s okay. Oddly, it made me kind of happy. It’s tough to be dreary with “joyful all ye nations rise” buzzing through my brain.

In any case, it looked like you were in a hurry. I hope you made it to wherever you were going–although careful–jaywalking is risky business.

(But then again, so is whistling Christmas tunes at the beginning of November.)

But you probably knew that.

Until next time,


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