Dog days

It seems my work of late has coincided with the season.

As soon as the dog days of July rolled in–humidity, hot temperatures, and all–I began the dog work of my time here at the Barn.

The system goes something like this: Each actor at the Barn is guaranteed stage time in a minimum of two of the four shows. At most, you’ll be involved in three (and many are). Show #3 (“Black Comedy”) is my show ‘off.’ That means that this past week-and-a-half I’ve been working as a crew member of sorts–cleaning, painting, constructing, pulling, sorting, finding, washing, sweating–and then performing show #2 in the evenings.

And while some of the days have been rather uncomfortable and a wee bit long…and while it may have crossed my mind that I could’ve found similar work for Dad in my own backyard (nothing reminds me of home like sweeping out the shop!)…and while the farce “Black Comedy” looks like a blast…it really wasn’t so bad. My lovely co-worker Tara and I had many an adventure together. We created sculptures and visited her family farm and ate Mr. Freezies and unearthed the props room while listening to the soundtrack for the upcoming musical.

Plus, before I could get too sick of searching for Buda figurines in Frankfort and 70’s-colored paint in my hair, we’re transitioning once again! Wednesday night “Black Comedy” opens, and Thursday the musical rehearsals begin. I couldn’t be more excited. Our final show of the season, “Next to Normal,’ is perhaps my favorite musical. It’s been on the top of my I-want-to-do-this list since I first was introduced to it a few years back.

But wait. Final show? Woah. “Swan Song” closed this past weekend, “Black Comedy” is opening tomorrow, and in two days the musical beings. Summer, slow down!

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